Dynamic Duo Podcast featured in Discovering Vision Therapy Blog

Our Dynamic Duo Podcast was featured in an article thanks to The Vision Therapy Center in southern Wisconsin! Check out the link to read all about it and discover more great resources on developmental optometry and vision therapy… http://www.thevisiontherapycenter.com/discovering-vision-therapy/dynamic-duo-enlists-others-to-spread-the-word-about-vision-therapy Please follow and like us:

Eyeglasses sitting next to a camera lens on a cement ledge with tree/sun in distant background

The Connection Between Vision and the Vestibular System – Part 3

In our January blog post we reviewed some of the visual issues that can arise with vestibular disorders. So to continue this topic further, we thought it’d be a good time to review treatment options that help address these challenging visual issues. An exam by a developmental optometrist is the first place to start to[…]

Vision therapy, Orthoptics, Lenses, Prisms, Neuro-optometric rehab treatment

Vision Therapy and Orthoptics – What’s the Difference?

A helpful approach to distinguishing these two terms is to think of vision therapy as the umbrella term for a treatment program that develops, restores, or enhances multiple areas of visual function and performance. Whereas orthoptics is just one component under this umbrella that addresses the mechanics of eye movements. Vision therapy is the broader[…]

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