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The Connection Between Vision and the Vestibular System – Part 3

In our January blog post we reviewed some of the visual issues that can arise with vestibular disorders. So to continue this topic further, we thought it’d be a good time to review treatment options that help address these challenging visual issues. An exam by a developmental optometrist is the first place to start to[…]

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The Connection Between Vision and the Vestibular System – Part 2

In our last blog post we discussed the connection between the vestibular system and visual system via the automatic function known as the vestibulo-ocular reflex. In this follow up post we’ll be covering the visual issues that can arise from an impaired VOR reflex. Nystagmus – Repetitive uncontrolled movement of the eyes in a side[…]

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The Connection Between Vision and the Vestibular System – Part 1

A great analogy for explaining the connection between the visual system and the vestibular system is described in an article by the Vestibular Disorders Association. That analogy consists of a photographer and camera. The vestibular system is the photographer that is responsible for holding the camera, the visual system, steady for producing clear pictures. So[…]

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Success with Vision Therapy for Post-Concussion Vision Disorders

A case series published in Optometry and Vision Science reviewed patient records during a time frame of 18 months from two private practices. Eighty percent of patients (175 out of 218) with a mean age of 20.5 years were recommended vision therapy after a concussion. Post-concussion vision problems were prevalent with the most common diagnoses[…]

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