December 8, 2015



Neuro-Optometric Examination

Prior to starting neuro-optometric rehabilitation treatment, patients will be seen for a comprehensive examination by one of our developmental optometrists. This initial exam is necessary for the doctor to gather information regarding the patient’s concerns and assess a variety of visual skills including accommodation, eye movements, and binocular vision.





Visual Processing Assessment

Additional testing may be recommended by the doctor to evaluate the patient’s visual processing skills. This testing consists of standardized assessments that help determine strengths and weaknesses in perceptual skills including visual discrimination, visual spatial relations, visual motor integration, visual memory, and vision-related reading deficiencies.


Visual Processing Testing Room



Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation is a therapeutic program consisting of specialized activities used to strengthen the connection between the brain and our visual system. Treatment at our office is carried out by our specially trained developmental optometrists and vision therapists. Therapy sessions are typically scheduled for 60 minutes once a week and consist of a variety of activities individually programmed to meet each patient’s goals and needs. The length of treatment can vary depending upon the patient’s diagnosis. Additionally, we supplement our office-based treatment with home activities for our patients to work on between visits to achieve the best possible outcomes. The overall goal of neuro-optometric rehabilitation is to improve an individual’s efficiency and control of their visual system for greater success in everyday activities.



VT Treatment Room with rail walk, therapy ball, balance board, trampoline, etc.


*Although we often will prescribe glasses or lenses, please note that we are a non-dispensing clinic, which means we do not sell glasses.