Dynamic Duo Podcast featured in Discovering Vision Therapy Blog

Our Dynamic Duo Podcast was featured in an article thanks to The Vision Therapy Center in southern Wisconsin! Check out the link to read all about it and discover more great resources on developmental optometry and vision therapy… http://www.thevisiontherapycenter.com/discovering-vision-therapy/dynamic-duo-enlists-others-to-spread-the-word-about-vision-therapy Please follow and like us:

Woman experiencing headache

Success with Vision Therapy for Post-Concussion Vision Disorders

A case series published in Optometry and Vision Science reviewed patient records during a time frame of 18 months from two private practices. Eighty percent of patients (175 out of 218) with a mean age of 20.5 years were recommended vision therapy after a concussion. Post-concussion vision problems were prevalent with the most common diagnoses[…]

The Importance of Office-based Neuro-optometric Re/habilitation

Convergence insufficiency affects many individuals. As a result of this binocular vision condition, it is difficult to sustain near point activities of daily living. The difficulty lies in the adverse symptoms that one experiences. Common symptoms include double vision, blurry letters/words, headaches, eye strain, skipping small words or repeating lines. These symptoms may also mimic[…]

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