Vision and Dyslexia

Reading to learn is a complex process that involves many interrelated mechanisms. These mechanisms must communicate with each other efficiently. Vision is one of those systems. Vision is much more than sight. Vision implies that meaning is drawn from what is seen (sight). In order for vision to be efficient, three components must be in[…]

Blue Light and Screen Time

Blue light is everywhere. There are many sources of blue light, the most powerful being the sun. The sun contains all the colors of the spectrum, red, green, yellow, orange, blue and every color in between depending on the wavelength. All those colors combine to make “white light”. Colors that are just beyond the red[…]

Similar Symptoms as ADD/ADHD

There has often been a correlation between ADHD/ADD and binocular vision dysfunction.  This association may not be surprising due to the similarities of the symptoms between the two conditions.  A child who is asked to perform near point tasks, such as homework, for long periods of time needs an efficient visual system. Many visual skills[…]

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